I swear to Magical Girl Riruru, I was most of the way through typing this up before Staff released their response to all of this, rendering a lot of my original post moot. I've salvaged what I could, but jeez.

You may have noticed that I'm no longer active on Tumblr, and no longer have it linked! This is because Photomatt sucks as a human being, and the transmisogyny and lack of moderation, especially for hate speech, has been absolutely astounding. Quite frankly, the fact that mass-organized hate campaigns against trans people, and especially trans women, prosper on Tumblr. I've been lucky enough to not get caught up in any of it, but quite frankly, even with Staff releasing their response condemning Matt in as strong words as they could, I don't feel any need to log back on.

I have been on Tumblr for a decade, through multiple different accounts. I've watched things get worse since the porn ban of 2018, and continue to degrade. I had some weird flicker of hope that something would be done about the rampant harassment, as well as false flags of blogs. As much as I want to trust the trans staff at Tumblr, I can't.

It fucking sucks. It's not accurate or truthful to say that Tumblr made me realize I was nonbinary. That was due to several outside factors. But Tumblr was one of the first places I felt safe coming out. Tumblr was one of the only places I could easily talk to other trans people, especially living with my mother who isolated me. It's where I learned coding, and part of why I fell in love with denpa. I felt safe, for years. It felt like home.

Twitter wasn't very fun, and I didn't like the character limit. I was too young to get fully into Dreamwidth. I never got into Reddit until the last few years, because Redditors and Tumblrinas had beef for a while. I never got, and still don't get, Instagram. Tumblr, however, wasn't easy to get into; my mom wouldn't be able to stumble on my accounts. Because things weren't fed to me by an algorithm, I'd go on random Tumblr searches, just to see what came up. I got into so many obscure VNs, manga, and anime like this. Tumblr was part of why I learned how to use a PC98 Emulator. I've made so many connections on there through the years. I'm sad, and angry, to leave it all behind me.

But, with the CEOs comments, as well as him deciding to sexually harass predstrogen on Twitter, I can't feel safe anymore. What once was my comfy little house is now decrepit with chipped lead paint, and haunted by Matt Whoeverthefuck getting unreasonably mad at trans women online while on a fucking meth binge. So... I see no reason to stay and see it deteriorate futher.

As long as Matt remains in charge of Tumblr, I don't think anything will actually change. I am sick and tired of watching organized harassment campaigns go uninterrupted against trans people, especially trans women. I am sick and tired of every trans woman immediately being labelled as sexually deviant whenever it's convenient to have a new target. I'm sick of the people who've enabled this, I'm sick of all the other trans people standing aside and just hoping they're not the next target. I can't continue to log in everyday to watch it get worse and worse.

Anyways, Matsodon is fun! Loving it so far. See ya.