Hello! I haven't posted here since last year LOL

I've been super busy over the holidays. Here's some stuff I've done since my last post here.
- Made a zine about holes. I still need to scan it, I'll pop it over on my itch when I'm done.
- Accidentally sliced my fingertip a little while sewing the binding of the aforementioned zine together with a dull needle. Ouchies! Once I scan it, I'll need to edit out the blood, because I got a little on the zine.
- Got to level 70 in Honkai Star Rail after playing since launch. Yay!
- Finished Rance III. It was so-so.
- Deeply considered rewatching Evangelion and Lain, on multiple occasions.
- Set up Git and Visual Studio for a mod I'm making after putting it off for several, several months. Also realized it was much easier, and was annoyed I put it off for so long.
- Started my art journal! I've been really enjoying it.
- Finished making my VN to-play list for 2024. Not sharing it, but I'm hoping to get through most of it this year. Fingers crossed? Maybe I'll even finally finish Fate Stay Night.

Unfortunately, I'm still super busy, so any major updates to the site are going to be few and far between. Sorry!